Break Up And Forgiveness

I haven’t wrote in a while and I am not sure if I should write this post right now. This blog gonna be so long because I have emotional up and downs but mostly down. For the past months I have been struggling with depression. Ever since I started to question the nature of my […]

The Final Truth

Sometimes, life presents you such situation it becomes difficult to tackle. Nowadays, I am in such phase. I am broken. I’m hurt. I can’t smile on days. I can’t sleep in nights. I can’t narrate my emotions to someone and thus, writing and drawing the only nepenthe. I sit in the Cafe pondering things and […]

Is it love? 

​This is my first post in 2017. Actually this post supposed to be posted end of January but I don’t know why I’m not post it. This writing stuff so gross I don’t expect someone to read or care about it because you don’t have to. This post maybe makes you think that I’m the […]


Because it’s easier to express myself in writing than speaking out loud. I’m not really talkers and sometimes I find it hard to say what I want to say on the spot. So I just want to express my feeling about you here. It’s been 5 months since I know you. You were sweet in […]